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April 17, 2018
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March 27, 2019

Complex IoT projects made easy

The game changer

Bringing complex IoT projects successfully up with grateful and happy customers, is a game changer for every business in our market.

That is why we focus on creating the best solution for the industry putting all our experience and effort inside the CPN Enclosures.

This enables you to easily handle IoT projects out of the box. So you can relax and sell more airtime by simultaneously win new grateful and happy customers.

You can’t fool me

If you are like me you might ask yourself:

“How should all this work in the real world”.

It sounds so unbelievable:

“How do these guys come up on all their promises”.

Here is how

That is exactly why we created this infographic. So you can see how partnering with us reduces your work effort during this process and brings you the reliable solution your customers need. Sell more airtime using CPN Enclosures.

The five phases

Typically the process consists of five phases.

Phase 1: The request

Receipt of customer request for complex IoT project with specified requirements.

Phase 2: The evaluation

The following questions may apply:

  • Where will the project be located at?
  • What communication service covers the area; GSM/LTE/SAT?
  • Which technology is needed; sensors, data loggers, power supply?
  • Is there a license required?
  • What would the approx. data volume be?

CPN gives you all the experience you need to find the right solution for your complex IoT project.

Our examples of realized IoT projects in different market segments:

  • pipeline monitoring/control
  • well site automation and surveillance
  • environmental monitoring
  • control of remote alarm systems
  • monitoring offshore wind parks

We are the right partner for you!

Phase 3: Proof of Concept (PoC)

This phase is key to successful IoT projects.

Challenges you will face:

  • Fast development and delivery of a functional prototype

We have access to a wide range of proven and reliable industrial components like:
Remote Terminal Units, power Supplies, battery backups, switches, Power over Ethernet injectors which have already been used in different successful deployed IoT projects.
Our experience and knowledge will speed up the development of your IoT project!

More than 4.500 CPN Enclosures installed globally.

  • Support yourcustomer during the field-testing
  • Eliminate failures in the setup or concept in cooperation with yourcustomer, if necessary
  • Finalize the PoC successful

Phase 4: The selling

Everything could be so easy during the phase of the selling.

  • With a successful PoC at hand your customer is aware of the benefits a running IoT system brings to his company and his business
  • You as the supplier, in cooperation with us, are informed about all costs of the deployed solution
  • Your customer has all the needed information to make a fast decision and sign a contract

Phase 5: The Rollout

Here the money is lost or won.

We are integrating as much as possible of thecomponents for the IoT solution into the CPN Enclosures. All CPN Enclosures are pre-cabled and tested, ready for installation in the field. Install just one IP 67 protected box and the required antennas -; that’s it!

This is significantly reducing time and costs of the deployment of the IoT solution and installation of the equipment at the site.

CPN Enclosures – The solution for reliable M2M data communication

Ingress Protection: IP-67

Interfaces: Phone & Ethernet, Power

Operating temperatur: -40°C to +60°C

Special features: Battery Backup, Pole Mount

Ingress Protection: IP-67

Interfaces: Phone & Ethernet, Power

Operating temperatur: -40°C to +65°C

Special features: Pre assambled pole mount

Ingress Protection: IP-67

Interfaces: 2x Cable gland (IP67) for power cable, ethernet & phone cable

Operating temperatur: -40°C to +65°C

Special features: Heating element

Ingress Protection: IP-67

Interfaces: LoRaWAN Gateway

Special features: Satellite communications and solar power for remote IoT Infrastructure

Happy customers and great margin for you!

By the way, you can sell more airtime
just using CPN Enclosures.

How to move on?

We’re here for you. Just get in touch. Feel free to use our partner contact form with electronical inquiry.

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