CPN Enclosure EchoStar 4200 Standard

The CPN Enclosure EchoStar 4200 Standard is a non-metallic, ruggedized protection enclosure for the Hughes 4200 Portable Data Terminal.

With an Ingress Protection Class of IP-67, it is specifically designed to enable permanent outdoor installations. It shields the satellite modem from accumulation of dust, debris and water, or the effects of harsh temperatures and weather.

The Hughes 4200 PDT allows for reliable and efficient communication for all users in all locations using a variety of IP data applications on their PC or smart device. The Hughes 4200 PDT includes a built-in Wi-Fi access point for wireless data and voice support. Voice is provided through an RJ-11-wired POTS phone connection or a Wi-Fi/LAN-connected SIP phone client.

Application fields

  • Condition Monitoring
  • Weather or seismic stations
  • Surveillance
  • Remote Office

The CPN Enclosure EchoStar 4200 Standard includes all necessary passive components and will be supplied completely pre-assembled. The system includes an 120/240V AC/DC 50/60 Hz industrial power supply to connect the unit to an external AC power source.


11.27 kg (including satellite terminal)


400 x 405 x 160 mm
15.75 x 15.94 x 6.30 inches

Dust and Water

IP-67 protection class


-40°C to +65°C operating
-40°F to +149°F operating

Non-penetrating pole mount

25 – 64 mm


Phone & Ethernet, Power

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