The challenge

Water is life. The greatest dangers of the coming years are water scarcity and its consequences.

Water is essential for life but water can also be a serious threat, for example when rivers burst their banks, dams break and serious flooding occurs.

Climate change will further increase the number and gravity of natural disasters such as water shortages and flooding from heavy rains and storms.

To face the dangers caused by water scarcity and flooding, reduced water consumption, no water wastage, effective water management, and flood warning systems are imperative.

The combination of water management and IoT can be an important key to warding off the threat of water scarcity and flooding.

Water management exists in many different areas, monitoring the water level of river beds, retention ponds, freshwater basins, and deep wells are some examples.

But what happens when our IoT application needs to be in remote locations? Where no terrestrial connection with cellular or internet is available?

Satellite communication is the key solution here!


  • Autonomous water management in remote areas


  • Full autonomous remote operation including solar power


  • Level of water information in real-time
  • Send collected data of water level
  • Flood- occurrences, and alarms

Introducing our CPN SENSOR 6100 –The new IoT over Satellite Gateway

Combining IoT and low-cost satellite communication for unmanned, remote operations where no infrastructure is available or is not reliable.

Solar-powered, independent connectivity for various sensors (Modbus, CAN-Bus NMEA2000/ SAEJ1939*, RS-485, Inputs/outputs: analog or digital in/out, 1-wire*) over satellite at low costs.

*depending on satellite modem model

Remote single/multi Sensor IDP Gateway with the CPN Modbus App running on an IDP ST-6100 terminal

  • Connecting all existing Modbus RTU capable IoT sensors to the cloud
  • Full autonomous remote operation including solar power
  • Communication via the Isat Data Pro service from Inmarsat
  • Small system design:
    • Enclosure size: 25,0 x 25,0 x 12,0 cm
    • Solar Panel size: 35,0 x 43,5 x 3,0 cm


  • Global coverage: Available anywhere in the world
  • Low costs and flexible
  • Remotely
  • Does not require any power supply. Runs with solar power
  • Level of water information in real-time
  • Send collected data of water level
  • Water management
  • Flood- occurrences, and alarms
  • Water requirement

Areas of Application:

  • Water supply tanks
  • Retention reservoirs
  • Freshwater basins
  • Dams
  • River levels
  • Deep well

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