CPN Satellite Services is now part of Network Innovations!

We’re pleased to announce that we have been acquired by Network Innovations – a global leader in providing critical communications solutions and services. After partnering for over ten years, we’re combining our collective capabilities to solve the unique challenges of government and enterprise clients in Germany. We couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds and remain as passionate as ever about making communication possible, wherever you go. To find out more, visit the news release here.


We are happy to announce that we are now offering the new services of EchoStar Mobile™

Smart Agriculture with the

MF 400 IoT Satellite Bridge

The President of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid uses our

CPN EVERY Mission Link 350 Dual Mode Peli Case Solution


Sell more airtime using CPN Enclosures.

Complex offgrid IoT projects made easy.

Our already tested and calculated reliable solutions enable you to run technically challenging projects in the relaxed mode.

Partnering with CPN brings you an almost unfair advantage compared to your competition, so you can easily win offgrid IoT projects and relax because of CPN’s proven and reliable solutions at competitive price points.

All this lets you win a lot of grateful and happy customers, so you can grow your business based on these great relationships.

M2M Terminals


Land Mobile Vehicular

Land portables . Voice and Data



M2M Solutions / CPN Enclosures

Our CPN Enclosures have been developed to provide reliable and secure data communication for M2M and IoT Applications even where no terrestrial network coverage is available!

The CPN Enclosure is a non-metallic enclosure and has Ingress Protection class IP-67.

Specifically designed for permanent outdoor installations, it shields the satellite equipment from accumulation of dust, debris and water, or the effects of harsh temperatures and weather.

Our CPN Enclosures are also available with heating or cooling option giving you the opportunity to choose exactly the right Enclosure for your requirements.

M2M Terminals

Our M2M satellite terminals have been specially developed for M2M / IoT applications
and are ideal for remote monitoring and remote control of stationary or mobile devices as well as for tracking applications.

The satellite services used for this purpose are available almost worldwide (with the exception of the extreme polar regions).

Our devices offer numerous applications at the highest level of safety.
The terminals are available in different sizes and functions and optionally configurable.




[CWind] Offshore wind farm gets off-grid data communication

Wind is a leading provider of services to the offshore wind industry supporting the construction, operation and maintenance of wind farms in the UK and across Europe.

CWind was formed with the aim of supporting the offshore wind industry with crew transfer and technician services.

They knew they provide excellent service and a powerful solution for their customers – but wanted to take their data communication to reach the next level of reliability and performance.

Your benefits partnering with CPN.

Complex offgrid IoT projects made easy.


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