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Customer Name:

CWind Ltd., Chelmsford, UK

Market Sector:

Offshore Wind Industry

Country of installation:

EnbW Baltic 2 wind farm, Germany


Units supplied


Problem to be solved

Collecting status, working hours, fuel consumption, remaining fuel level from a power generator, which is installed off shore at a wind mill outside the coverage of GSM networks

Special requirements
  1. Connecting the M2M router & data gateway to the SPS of the generator for reading out the requested data
  2. The complete solution has to be sea water resistant
  • CPN M2M-Enclosure incl.:
    • Hughes 9502 two piece unit
    • eWON industrial M2M-Router & data gateway
    • 24 VDC power supply
Statement of the customer

Mr. Jorgensen explains, “together with CPN we found a solution to the issue of data communication at offshore wind farms allowing us to read and receive data in real time and operate machinery remotely……. The offshore oil & gas and the marine industry has used satellite communication for many years, however, offshore wind has until now not made any use of this technology. We feel strongly that this solution is here to stay and is likely to become the accepted standard going forward.”

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