10. September 2019
Einsätze mit Satellitenkommunikation

Case Study: I.S.A.R.-Einsätze mit Satellitenkommunikation von CPN

I.S.A.R. ist eine Hilfsorganisation, die sich darauf spezialisiert hat, in Katastrophenfällen weltweit mit professionellen Helfern vor Ort Unterstützung zu leisten. Sie ist ein Zusammenschluss aus Feuerwehren […]
2. Juli 2019
Satellite for IoT

Satellite for IoT? 5 Good Reasons

With the IoT on the rise, the demand for fast network connections increases. After all, the machine-to-machine communication (M2M) needs to be real time. There is, […]
25. Juni 2019

Demystifying LoRaWAN

LoRaWAN may sound exotic, but it is simply an abbreviation for “Long Range Wide Area Network”. That is simple enough, isn’t it? Nonetheless, there are a […]
18. Juni 2019
Internet of Things

Does the Internet of Things (IoT) need Satellite?

We all know that Internet of Things (IoT) is the next big thing. Smart homes, smart grids – all this is made possible through the automated […]
11. Juni 2019
What LoRaWAN does

What is LoRaWAN?

  LoRaWAN – the name itself, to some, is a mystery. Once you know, though, that it is simply an abbreviation for “Long Range Wide Area […]
7. März 2019
Infographic - Benefits partnering with CPN

Your benefits partnering with CPN

17. April 2018

CPN Enclosure M2M Dual Mode LTE Battery Backup Release

CPN Satellite Services and Hughes Announce Advanced LTE-BGAN M2M Dual Mode Terminal    Ideal for IoT M2M Fixed Sites, Highly Resilient Solution Combines CPN’s LTE Gateway […]
3. November 2017

Land Rover Experience Tour – Peru 2017

THE ADVENTURE PERU On October 14, the Land Rover Experience Tour Peru kicked off - leading the six lucky winners of the previous multi-level qualifier down […]