[CWind] Offshore wind farm gets off-grid data communication

Braucht das Internet der Dinge (IoT) eine Satellitenverbindung?
18. Juni 2019

Innovative offshore wind farm gets a solution to the issue of off-grid data communication.

Wind is a leading provider of services to the offshore wind industry supporting the construction, operation and maintenance of wind farms in the UK and across Europe.

CWind was formed with the aim of supporting the offshore wind industry with crew transfer and technician services.

They knew they provide excellent service and a powerful solution for their customers – but wanted to take their data communication to reach the next level of reliability and performance.

The Goal

Data communication at offshore wind farms allowing us to read and receive data in real time and operate machinery remotely.

Requested Task

  • All-in-one solution for a customer project.

Requested requirements

  • Capturing data via satellite from an offshore wind farm.
  • Displaying data using an online portal
  • Broadcasting errors and warning messages

The project progression

Sequence of events

Friday evening

CWind is calling me.

Three day later – the next monday

CWind gets our complete und proven solution concept including competitive pricing.

As time goes by

CWind wins the EnbW Baltic 2 project and gets the order to proceed.

Some time later in May

CWind contacts me again and we meet up in the UK. Technical details are discussed and rollout is planned on July, 14th. Some would say – Eight weeks that’s a short time frame. And hey, they’re right, that is indeed pretty tough.

By the way until now no RTU is available. CWind’s planned solution to program it using a Raspberry PI wasn’t realistic regarding this short time frame. That’s why we recommended to go with an Ewon Flexy by Wachendorff.

Two days later

CWind receives an new proposal from me including all the changes we discussed. And as always including our competitive pricing.

Ten days later

CWind receives the eWon from Wachendorff for testing. And we start programming it.

Again ten days later

CWind receives a testing unit containing the complete solution. Now the debugging phase starts.

Two days later

CWind receives the final proposal. As you probably can guess: CPN signature style again 😉 – including competitive pricing.

Due date July, 14th

Rollout in time. I love it when a plan comes together.

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Results with CPN

CWind wins the important EnBW Baltic 2 project.

In time rollout – making happy customers.

6 weeks

From start to successful rollout

CPN Enclosures – The solution for reliable M2M data communication

Happy customers and great margin for you!

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just using CPN Enclosures.

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